Spanish Tobacco Prices

Prices of all brands of Cigarettes and Rolling Tobacco

available in Mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands

Updated January 2018

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Please note:- These prices are for products purchased in the Spanish government controlled "Tabac" shops, which can be found in almost every  town, city and large village throughout Spain. The prices are the lowest "tax paid" you will find.
**Not every brand shown on this website will be available in each individual Tabac shop in Spain.**
If you are travelling within the European Community, there is no limit to the amount of tax/duty paid tobacco goods you can export from Spain into another EU country, as long as it is for personal use or as a gift. Always keep receipts, as you may be asked for this by customs officers, either in Spain or at your EU destination. If you intend to sell tobacco goods, this is classed as for commercial use, and if proven, all will be confiscated and a fine issued, with the further possibility of a court appearance.
All prices shown are in euros. The first amount is the price from the Tabac shops, and the second amount is what you will pay from other sources, such as vending machines.